Open Source Lincense, Dirty code

ITBusinessEdge has an interesting article on open source license which points to CIO article

Dirty code, according to intellectual property lawyers, has led to expensive delays during many mergers and acquisitions. And thanks to the efforts of a single programmer—Linux kernel contributor Harald Welte—at least 100 companies have been forced either to remove or release as open-source various pieces of GPL code that they borrowed without properly complying with the license.

The artcile has excellent tips, one of them is as follows

The key is to give developers rules for when and how to integrate external code of any type into their projects. “What is very clear,” Radcliffe says, “is that if the people who are actually doing the coding don’t have direction and some type of enforcement mechanism, they’re going to pull whatever they can off the Internet whenever they can.”

My take on this is, Open source adaptation is really slow due to mulitple license and complexity of understanding GPL/LGPL/AFL/many others. I think the software development organization must enforce strict guidlines in making sure that the developer has written code from his own logic or at best has learned the trade and applied the trick on his own language. Thereby ensuring customer gets license-free code.

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  1. punitha Says:

    this open source is very helpful to us

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