Powerful Idea?

How do you create a product? You have an idea, you are passionate about it, you either invest your time and money to do it or you approach your contacts to know if they will be interested to team up and do it for you.
You venture into finding the right contact and realize that you have spent enough of time “building a team”, that’s when you get impatient and decide to approach some software company who can do it for you.

When you get the cost breakdown, you realize the cost is too high for this idea and look in market if there is already a similar idea in market ;). When you find similar one, you say no this idea is duplicate and it won’t work and you are going to dump the idea. Only if no body has thought this, you decide you will do it!!

Isn’t this a standard pattern to go round and round in search for potential idea? But I differ to say “An idea is not powerful just because it is unique and no body has thought about it but an idea is powerful when similar idea is tried and tested out and the idea you are introducing has “innovative variations” to previous ones and also there is robust business plan to support and execute it to excellence”

Was Google a powerful idea when Sergey and Larry started?? No there were already 10 search engine in market!! But Sergey and Larry introduced that variation “page rank” in search engine which made Google to stand tall among the crowd.

There are similar examples from Richard Branson’s Virgin Group’s approach to adapt new business. I was reading an article/book in which Richard supposedly said that “Virgin group can venture trying out an idea as long as there is robust business plan for the same”. Virgin group’s success in various venture definitely echo this.

We at Adipt get few customers coming to us to develop the idea, some potential entrepreneurs drop on the way and some carry on holding “just the idea”. However we have made it a principle that we guide our customer to evolve the business plan and bring success to them.

Do you think any idea should be tried?

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4 Comments on “Powerful Idea?”

  1. Dr.Eng.nouredine Ben Mansour Says:

    Powerf idea arise only on deep observation in short time, suddenly and by abnormal situation.People who have powerful ideas are unhappy in their cojugal and private life. they are continually thinkin about something in order to avoid rembering privatelife

  2. CS Shyam Sundar Says:

    Did you try the Stream Engine [ http://csshyamsundar.wordpress.com/code ] ; The product is still in BETA testing; I could not find bugs; I’d like to know if you have an feedback or Bugs.

    CS Shyam Sundar

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