Software is heading towards Automation? So soon 

One of our chief technologist today pointed us to Cognition framework

As Cognition site writes :
Cognition Framework is a JAVA web application framework composed of best of breed open source architecture.

It is LGPL licensed, which means it is available for commercial use in a manner that is appropriate for your needs.

What is ‘best of breed’ architecture? Cognition Framework is built on a powerful Open Source application stack:

» Tapestry – presentation tier

» Spring – lightweight services

» Hibernate – OR persistence

» Acegi – security

They have a quick tour,
The tool generates quite good amount of code and a nice web page without a single line of code!! Amazing guys, this is perfectly way towards automaiton, machine is bound to take over we human programmers  We will be still masters 🙂 (designer and architect) but nitty-gritty code/development/programming will be trivial. Atleast that’s what I felt after seeing the demo.

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One Comment on “Software is heading towards Automation? So soon ”

  1. Jason Drohn Says:

    This is an excellent point. I have a professor/business partner who just wrote an application that will write code for anything having to do with web development such as templates, form, cms, email mailers, etc.. The future of programming lies in project management!

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