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Ad spending on the Internet

July 11, 2006

Clickz says : Ad spending on the Internet is now expected to account for 7 percent of global ad spend by 2008.


Power of Community portal : MySpace

June 14, 2006

TechCrunch has an excellet article on MySpace.

MySpace has 75 million users, 15 million daily unique logins, is growing by a massive 240,000 new users per day, and is generating nearly 30 billion monthly page views.


MySpace started as a community/social networking hub has become a phenomena of its own! Recently MySpace also tied up with SimplyHired (through common venture partners) to allow community to search within the community.

The future definitely belongs to "community oriented" market place, for instance Yahoo has added Flickr, Yahoo answers and Blog, etc to create unique place for community. The success of Flickr, YoTube and recent plan of BBC to convert its website to fully community oriented site proves that community drives marketplace.