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Software is heading towards Automation? So soon 

August 14, 2006

One of our chief technologist today pointed us to Cognition framework

As Cognition site writes :
Cognition Framework is a JAVA web application framework composed of best of breed open source architecture.

It is LGPL licensed, which means it is available for commercial use in a manner that is appropriate for your needs.

What is ‘best of breed’ architecture? Cognition Framework is built on a powerful Open Source application stack:

» Tapestry – presentation tier

» Spring – lightweight services

» Hibernate – OR persistence

» Acegi – security

They have a quick tour,
The tool generates quite good amount of code and a nice web page without a single line of code!! Amazing guys, this is perfectly way towards automaiton, machine is bound to take over we human programmers  We will be still masters 🙂 (designer and architect) but nitty-gritty code/development/programming will be trivial. Atleast that’s what I felt after seeing the demo.


End of Windows 98

July 12, 2006

BBC says : Microsoft is urging an estimated 70 million users of Windows 98 to upgrade as it ends support for the software. From 11 July, Microsoft will no longer help users over the phone with any problems they have with the ageing operating system.

The firm will also stop providing security updates for Windows 98 from the same date.

Shopping cart in Java, any ready-to-use?

July 11, 2006

As a open source enthusiast, I ventured looking for a open source full fledged “Shopping cart” in Java! There are excellent ones in PHP but I was primarily looking for ones written in Java.

Found lot of them doing Krugle, checked in SourceForge that most of the so-called shopping cart application no longer exist in repositary. I hope somebody is reading this from to take a note that “let’s keep only those open source in repositary which has some source file in it“.

Out of the 5 shopping cart I found, I did a quick scan to understand 1) depolyment hassles 2) application configuration issues 3) adptability(is it easy to learn and add/modify code if required) 4) is it big for a small scale cart application. My findings are as follows. In brief, if you ever need a shopping cart in java, use JPetStore and adapt it to your need.

Seems to be very old, need changes to configuration to support running inside JBoss.
Uses CMP EJB inside the application, uses classes from a company called, I think they were owning the product?
I din’t see any license stating GPL/etc inside the source.But when I downloaded from Sourceforge, I see GPL license is mentioned there.
Needs JBoss/Application to run the application

I don’t think a small customer looking for a simple few pages and few classes type shopping cart can invest time in tweaking this application!
Downloaded as it is mentioned shopping cart ..I find the code has lot of classes but nothing todo with shopping cart !!! Am’I missing something?


This application has all client side …like menu item lisitng, adding to shopping list, and submit for checkout.
But beyond that there is no database support, no third party payment integration support..etc available.

Go ahead, implement on top of this.

4.Openedit-cart (this is part of openEdit CMS product and open source)

It seems to have more stuff for a simple cart. Their latest war (openedit-cart.war,11-Jul-2006 00:14:30 failed to work in Tomcat 5.5.
Also I think using this shopping cart forces user to go thorugh openedit CMS!!

5.JPet Store 5(not the Sun one but the one with IBatis stuff). I got the latest release 5.

It has all the features for a small scale shopping cart like item list, checkout, update cart, payment capture, few nice UI screens. Backend database support for Mysql,orcl, etc. I think for name sake it is called JPet store otherwise it is small shopping cart.

I think whoever needs basic shopping cart should adapt JPetStore and add few plugin code for PayPal/etc rather than investing time in other shopping cart applications.

Do you know some more???, leave us a comment here.

Small-Business CRM: Hosted or In-House?

July 10, 2006

CIO-TODAY says “Hosted applications are definitely a money-saving proposition because companies can start out slowly and grow their business around it.”

According to Robert Boise, research director at AMR’s customer-management practice, 45 percent of small businesses are doing some type of CRM activity with hosted services. “This is the highest penetration yet,” Boise said.

Developing custom application based on product approach

July 4, 2006

McKinsey has an interesting article on “developing custom application based on product approach”. The article link is here

“They have adopted the approach of software vendors, which package and sell applications aimed at the common needs of many customers rather than of individuals, by writing an application once and then selling it many times.

Some of these companies have begun to experiment with applying the lessons of packaged software—write once, sell to many—to the development of customized applications as well.

For businesses that can benefit from product-oriented approaches, we offer the following lessons from early adopters:

* Build the products “prospectively,” mindful not just of the existing base of applications but also of future needs.
* Organize groups to deliver products effectively against business needs and not just technology outcomes.
* Pay attention to organizational factors that will ensure proper governance and realize the business benefits.”

Adobe Flex 2

June 28, 2006

Adobe is all set to release Flex 2, which makes easy to develop Rich Internet Application. Good news : Flex has AJAX, so application developer can create excellent web app utilizing Flash richness and Ajax style.

More on Flex,

Flex Community :

Adipt team has been involved in exploring RIA and we are about to release our presentation and whitepaper on various RIA technologies to the community very soon.