Why don’t we blog & What is Adipt upto?

Posted September 29, 2006 by Santosh
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Yes why in Adipt Software we don’t blog much :)Because we have been so busy in generating concepts, developing softwares that we have almost forgotten that we need to blog. However we believe we have plenty of things to share with the community. So we will keep this blog post cycle on and off till we come out to a comple ON mode and for sure as an Organization we believe blogging is good.

What is Adipt upto?

We did a fresher walkin in Bangalore, we are quite strict on recruiting best minds. So we filtered around 2753 (around) CV and selected only 21 candidates!! However we did test for 1 batch with 10 people in it and we got 6 people through with the test!! Wow, 50% direct result due to choosing the right candidate 😉 Another bacth will happen soon.
Also we believe the test is not to say yes or now but to test a candidates general knowledge, his/her personality and bit of mathe and english.

We are also busy writing a RIA paper (having excellent stuff around OpenLaszlo) which we will release soon.


Software is heading towards Automation? So soon 

Posted August 14, 2006 by Santosh
Categories: Technology

One of our chief technologist today pointed us to Cognition framework

As Cognition site writes :
Cognition Framework is a JAVA web application framework composed of best of breed open source architecture.

It is LGPL licensed, which means it is available for commercial use in a manner that is appropriate for your needs.

What is ‘best of breed’ architecture? Cognition Framework is built on a powerful Open Source application stack:

» Tapestry – presentation tier

» Spring – lightweight services

» Hibernate – OR persistence

» Acegi – security

They have a quick tour, http://dev.thelabllc.com/cognition/viewlets/cognition_intro.htm
The tool generates quite good amount of code and a nice web page without a single line of code!! Amazing guys, this is perfectly way towards automaiton, machine is bound to take over we human programmers  We will be still masters 🙂 (designer and architect) but nitty-gritty code/development/programming will be trivial. Atleast that’s what I felt after seeing the demo.

Blog because you want great employees!!

Posted August 2, 2006 by Santosh
Categories: Management

My Blogger friend Roger writes

Each start-up was very different from the other but the one thing they all had in common was that they were in ’stealth mode’ (see bottom for definition).

Some of the common questions I hear are:

  • When do we start blogging e.g. 1 month before ……. launch? 2 months before private beta? etc.
  • How do we blog if we don’t want to talk about our product?
  • How do we market our company via the blogosphere?
  • Should we have a full time blogger? Should we contract someone to post a few times a week?
    • What does hiring a contractor say about our company?
  • How many blogs should we have? One with a corporate view, and one for customers?
  • How do we break news of our product? Blog or homepage?
  • Is blogging for us? How will it help us? Does our target market blog?
  • What software should we use when hosting our blog?
  • Should we use a hosted product e.g. Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Typepad or self-hosted Wordpress.org, Movable Type, etc.?
  • What capabilities should we support? RSS, Atom, Email subscription.

The problem with these questions is they miss the indirect value of a blog.

Read more here

We at Adipt are hiring! Perl, Unix professional and ECM Interwoevn professional

Posted July 26, 2006 by Santosh
Categories: Jobs

Adipt Software is expanding its operation across the globe, we are shortly starting our UK office, hiring more people. We will be also starting US office and hiring people there too.

Adipt Bangalore, India is now recruiting for the following job spec.

We are looking for
1) Perl, Unix, XML, Basic knowledge in web applicatiton, 3 to 5 years experience
This is for project where Interwoven ECM will be used, the basic knowledge required for Interwoven is Perl, therefore we at Adipt Software will train the selected candidates in Interwoven.

2) Interwoven ECM professional, 2 to 5 years experience

This requirment is for our esteemed client in US, therefore US travel opportunties available, for long term project. If you are interested, please send your CV to career@adipt.com
About Adipt Software :-
Adipt Software’s mission is to enable our customers to build next generation products, we have designed our service model, process, technology expertise to support this mission.

Adipt provides wide range of specialized product services covering Application Architecture and Development, Prototyping,Product Engineering Solutions, Application Maintenance and others. We have strong technical skill set in Adipt, and our corporate culture has been “customer focus” and “product mindset” so to let our customer achieve best value from Adipt.

Adipt´s IT Services is designed to meet the bandwidth of small scale enterprises to large scale enterprise’s need to utilize technology and expertise to improve their business. Adipt has setup offshore development centers in India, customer service centres in UK, USA.

What is Adipt’s people practice :-

Adipt believes in intellectual culture by having flat structure to foster entrepreneurial spirit, passion to think out-of-the-box, commitment to contribute for perfection, and free flow of idea across the organization. We view our employees as co-owner in the organizational development.

We at Adipt think out-of-the-box, go extra mile in serving the customer, follow ethics obsessively, and feel great at the end of day. Adipt is about creating persuasive breakthroughs and we love doing that.

Let’s team up and make Adipt reach greater heights and impression in the industry.
More on Adipt :-

Please visit www.Adipt.com

Mram could one day overthrow hard discs and flash memory

Posted July 23, 2006 by Santosh
Categories: Innovation

BBC says : magnetoresistive random-access memory or Mram could one day overthrow hard discs and flash memory

A couple of weeks ago a company called Freescale announced that it had produced a working Mram chip which can hold four-megabits, that is about half a megabyte.

It is very small compared to the Ram and flash chips on the market, but it is a start.

In fact many companies, including IBM, have been working on the nanotechnology behind Mram for around a decade.

Put simply, Mram stores data magnetically, in the same way a hard drive does. This makes it non-volatile.

Web 2.0 : Social Networking Tool

Posted July 18, 2006 by Santosh
Categories: Product

Fast company has an interesting review on Web 2.0 social networking tool and their market valuation.

Myspace.com, for $580 million last year the acquisition signaled the rebirth of the Internet boom
Facebook, the social networking site for college students has raised $38.2 million

My Thoughts : Social networking tool targeting particular social segment might not work out in future. For instance a student having facebook during graduation and LinkedIn for building business contacts, Bebo for something else…will this feasible in long run? I have one Hi5 account, created a Bebo when a friend requested, left Orkut and but continued using LinkedIn.

I was one of the key designers and developer for Spoke.com which was the first few social networking based tools (though Spoke targets enterprise networking and solutions like SalesForce and others). LinkedIn has targeted professional community successfully.

Friendster couldn’t sustain the success after Myspace arrived, however Myspace had a good strategy in allowing various community co-exist in the same social space. In a single Myspace convergence of various social groups happened. Taking this argument further, many of the social networking tools are definite bubble-burst type.

Arun Sarin donated to IIT-krgp

Posted July 17, 2006 by Santosh
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Rediff Says :

Arun Sarin, chief executive officer of UK based Vodafone Group Plc, donated $500,000 to Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, his alma mater, for building an electronic research laboratory and related research purpose.


It is exciting to hear Aurn’s contribution, though I am not an IITian but I have worked in Vodafone as Consultant in London. Such alma mater contribution and participation in building India’s research infrastructure and enabling future generation to lead India’s economy.